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  • God Bless Congressman Chris Smith who is very knowledgeable and supportive of the umbilical cord stem cell therapies that could potentially help Kevin!

  • Swimming for Kevin

    For many years Jerry Conway has paddled for Kevin.  This year he
    completed a 3 mile ocean swim for Kevin's Journey of Hope in 2 hours and 20 minutes The dolphins even swam with him! Thank you to Jerry and his family and all who support Jerry for Kevin!

  • 9th Annual Walk the walk 

  • A Prayer for Kevin

    Dear Lord,
    Please keep Kevin safe in your embrace.
    Please heal the cells in his brain stem so that he can be reunited with us here on earth in mind, body and spirit. All in your time and in your name. Amen.

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    to watch Kevin's story
    and encourage everyone to wear a helmet.

  • Journey of Hope is the story of Kevin Kret, a young man with a promising future and a caring, gentle spirit.  Physically, he is an attractive young man with curly red hair and a compact physique.  Friends are drawn to his lead by example independent nature because he follows the beat of his own drum, not falling prey to the flavor of the day.

    Kevin had been skateboarding when he fell, resulting in a traumatic brain injury to a critical area of the brain called the brain stem.  The brain stem controls some of the most basic life functions such as breathing, temperature, heart rate and consciousness.  Kevin was left non-communicative and what appeared to be unconscious.
    Through a miraculous set of circumstances God spared Kevin’s life.  His time had not yet come.  Cleary, God had other plans for Kevin. What those plans would be we could only imagine.  Most of all, Journey of Hope is a story of just that, finding hope and allowing our faith to sustain us.  With Traumatic Brain Injury the goals are often small steps, but major victories; a thumbs up, an eye movement, or a swallow.  While we truly believe that through prayer and advances in science Kevin will one day “wake up”, our initial goal was to bring Kevin home in spite of the many challenges, and that is focus of Part 1 of Kevin’s Journey of Hope – Going Home.

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    Journey of Hope - Part I Going Home

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  • Kevin's Going Home Video

  • 8th Annual Walk the Walk With Kevin

    Thank you to all our family, friends, community and even strangers who came out to show Kevin support for the 8th Walk the Walk with Kevin.
    It was a beautiful and inspirational walk, starting with Rebecca singing the National Anthem, and ending with 150 people saying the Holy Rosary. It doesn't matter what race or creed, we all share our same faith in God and in miracles.
    Thank you Rita Heusel for taking pictures and for Lisa Ardito, Rosemarie Conner, Jeannie Wall, Roseann Gaudio, Lorraine Cohen, Jen Spoor and so many others who make the walk possible. And special thank you to Brother Frank and the CBA community.